Self-regualted Learning within the Personal Learning Environment (SRL⏋PLE)

PhD Toolbox

The tools that I use for doing all my PhD study stuff.

The overall theme must be cross-platform – it must run on both Windows and Linux.

I decided early on to use LaTeX for all my writing when I'm not forced to use MS Word in Windows or LibreOffice Writer on Linux. I installed Tex Live on both Windows and Linux.
Text editor
I use the general purpose editor Sublime Text 2 for writing most of my stuff. It has a nice outline of the folders I'm working in. It works and looks the same on both Windows and Linux.
My institution has a subscription on Mendelay. I really like it, cross-platform and everything. It maintains my library of PDF files and automatically exports all references to bibtex when changes are done (I just create a relative link from all my LaTeX documents to the bibtex file that I need).
Quantitative data analysis
This is something that is completely new to me – quantitative data. I have no idea what to do. Only thing I know is that I will use R for handling and visualizing my data.
Transcribing interviews where done using a audio player (VLC media player) and a spreadsheet (Calc). My initial idea was to create my own application, but practicalities took over.
Qualitative data analysis