Self-regualted Learning within the Personal Learning Environment (SRL⏋PLE)

LaTeX - underscore in DOI

28 Aug 2017

Sometimes LaTeX is just strange – I use Tex Live in Ubuntu, but I don't know if this is a general issue. When compiling I got errors in around URLs and later in DOIs in my references.

Writing an academic (or any) blog

30 May 2017

I came across a good blog post about writing an academic blog – this made me think of my own blog. What is actually the purpose of a blog like this? Here, I'm pulling out some of the bullits from the blog post.

First (unofficial) data from interview

04 Mar 2017

I'm now in the process of gathering data for my PhD. This week I did the first interviews with two students from 3^rd^ semester computer science. The interviews was just for testing out my “interview questionnaire guide” for the interviews that I will conduct later in the semester.

Lunch talk

01 Feb 2017

Today I did a lunch talk at CUDiM. Just half a hour talking about my project – nothing special. Still there is a lot of preparation and thinking that goes into a presentation like that.


18 Nov 2016

This is just typical. I started my PhD study 1st of August 2016 and I planed to do this blog for a long time – sometime in the spring. And what happens? I “forget” all about the blog, posting something, coding the back-end etc.

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